Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iron Fence at Summerville Cemetary

In this cemetery are buried the following eminent Georgians:

JOHN MILLEDGE (1757-1818), Revolutionary officer, Congressman, Governor (1802-1806). He gave the land on which the University of Georgia is built.

GEORGE WALKER CRAWFORD (1798-1872), lawyer, legislator, Congressman, Governor (1843-1847), Secretary of War under President Zachary Taylor, President of the State Secession Convention (1861).

CHARLES JONES JENKINS (1805-1883), lawyer, jurist, legislator, State Senator, Governor (1865-1868). Removed from office by Gen. Meade, he hid the State Seal, records and funds until Governor James Milton Smith was inaugurated in 1872.

ALFRED CUMMING (1802-1873) Superintendent of Indian Affairs on upper Missouri, appointed by President Buchanan first Governor of Territory of Utah (1857-1861) during the “Mormon War.” He retired from office when Georgia seceded from the Union.

JOSEPH RUCKER LAMAR (1857-1916), lawyer, legislator, jurist, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1911-1916). He compiled “The Code of the State of Georgia.”

THOMAS CUMMING (1765-1834), the first “intendant” (Mayor) of Augusta (1798). He gave the land for the cemetery.

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