Friday, October 21, 2011

Meadow Garden

Meadow Garden - The George Walton Farm House

The Marker reads:
George Walton (1749 - 1804) - Signer of the Declaration of Independence - Patriot - Soldier - Statesman - Jurist - Freemason.

Born a Virginian he became a Georgian in about 1770. An Early leader in the Liberty Movement in Savannah. Colonel in the Revelutionary Army. Member of the 2nd Continental Congress. Chief Justice of Georgia. 1783-1786. State Legislator and Superior Court of Georgia, 1779 and 1789. Trustee of the Academy of Richmond County, Augusta and of the State University at Athens. Named in his honor are the County of Walton and tow Masonic Lodges Walton No. 200, Jasper County, GA and George Walton No 699, Augusta, GA.

This immortal Georgian and American, whose last home, Meadow Garden, stands here and whose honored remains are buried here in Augusta, not only shed his blood for American Liberty, but dedicated the rest of his life to the successful erection of civil government in his state and nation. An active and faithful member of Solomon's Lodge No. 1 F & A M of Savannah, GA. His name will ever be held in highest veneration by the Freemasons of Georgia.

Marker placed by the Educational & Historical Commission, Grand Lodge of Georgia, F & A M 1968

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