Friday, June 3, 2011

Appleby Library Garden Concert

Located in the Summerville Historic District, Appleby Library is a branch library of the East Central Georgia Regional Library System and is significant as an example of the Greek Revival style of architecture.

The house was constructed in 1830 and over the years, few changes were made to its exterior. Scott B. Appleby bought it in 1928 where it remained in the family until it was donated in 1954 to the Augusta City Council for use as a library. Dedication ceremonies took place in the gardens in 1955.

Appleby Library is a significant member of the Summerville Historic District as a neighborhood library offering many services including its summer outdoor concert series, “Evenings at the Appleby.”

Here, patrons are enjoying last Tuesday's program of classical music played by Jason Maynard & Friends in the Appleby Garden.


  1. What an awesome, fun concert venue option! Bravo! Encore!
    Bon weekend

  2. What a beautiful home (and now library - how cool!) Great event!

  3. I spent lots of time in that library as a child! What a beautiful picture.


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